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I recently replaced my corset lacing from 4 yards of 1/3" wide double-faced white satin ribbon with 8 yards of double-faced black satin ribbon. 8 yards is a bit excessive - I could have gone with 6 - but I like having more length. I also changed the lacing style from 'bunny ears' to inverted 'bunny ears', which adds extra support and feels better.

The fabric at the end of one of the boning channels started to rip, and before sewing it up, I took some photos of the spiral steel boning. One of the potential problems with cheaper corsets is the use of inferior and cheaper plastic boning instead of steel, but this corset does indeed use steel. (However, it's all spiral steel with no flat steel.)

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argurotoxos: Emilie Autumn sitting on the floor (Emilie - floor | by betterthanlegos)
My interest in corsets stems from two things. First, a comment I read years ago that wearing a corset can feel like a giant hug that both improves posture and helps with a lack of physical contact. Second, the musician Emilie Autumn and her Victorian-Industrial style. Emilie often wears white overbust corsets, so that's what I decided to try first.

The corset I chose came from eBay. It was relatively inexpensive, and so is probably not very good (not that I have anything for comparison), but it does at least have steel boning. To my surprise, it also came with a modesty panel, which is a piece of fabric - usually the same as the rest of the corset - that sits behind the back lacing so skin isn't revealed by any gaps.

Now that I've broken the corset in a little, it's somewhat more comfortable, but I never wear it more than two hours a day, or a couple times a week. It seems more difficult to adjust the bottom laces than the top. I also feel the most pressure on the front and upper back. As I'm not interested in waist training, I like the laces snug but not tight. For me, it's more about the aesthetic, physical support, psychological benefits, and simply trying something new.

If I ever get another corset, I think I would go for a somewhat higher-quality black underbust.

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