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Both my parents and I bought a belly dance outfit for my birthday. (I justified my part by paying for it with some of my tax refund.) From my parents I asked for a tribal fusion-style bra and belt set from eBay (I was debating between two different styles and my mom helped me decide). I bought an American Tribal Style student set from Flying Skirts. In the photos below, I've also included a few (new) photos of the cabaret-style bra and belt I bought used on eBay last year, as well as some of my practise wear. I'm very curious which of the three outfits people prefer.

I also experimented on face paint for belly dance last month. I initially intended to go for a more authentic tribal look, but most of my sketches consisted of elements from Sylvia Ji, Thief (especially glyphs), and Jötun Loki (both official and fanart).

tribal front

Front view of the tribal fusion-style bra and belt. I don't normally go for so much gold, but there's also silver and I particularly wanted a bra with some kind of hanging chains. Unfortunately, none of these photos do this outfit justice as there's so much detail work.

tribal side

Side view. Those black blobs on the skirt are small butterfly hair cips that are keeping the extra long part of the skirt up so I don't trip over it.

tribal back

Semi-back view. I have the middle of the belt pinned at the skirt as it's a bit heavy there and tends to flop over. (As you might be able to tell, if either the belt or bra were any larger, they probably wouldn't fit without alteration.)

tribal belt closeup

Some of the detail work on the hip belt.

ats front

Front view of the American Tribal Style (ATS) outfit.

ats back

Back view. I really like the way the choli (top) fits and, despite the open back (which is nice), it's very comfortable and supportive.

tassle close up

Detail on the hip wrap tassels.

flying skirts

Flying Skirts skirt tag.

cabaret side

Cabaret outfit front/side.

cabaret back

Cabaret outfit back.


An example of what I wear while practising at home. I used to always wear a black and silver hip scarf, but the blue and gold one adds colour . . . even if it doesn't match.

black base resize

My base version of the face paint. (For reference, this was my first version of my belly dance face paint.)

silver outlined

With silver outlines on the eyes and lips. I don't know if I like the outline better or not; with the eyes, I think it might look better with only the bottom outlined.

face final

The final version I came up with. I started with the chin lines and cheek marks in silver, then decided I liked them better in black. The cheek marks are two different Thief glyphs; I wanted to do something more angular versus Sylvia Ji-style curves.

body view

Face paint with practise outfit.

Base edit03e2 resize

I've been using the base photo to doodle other designs. Here's one idea based on a comment to add more colour. (Also, Fenris!chin marks.)

base edit02 resize

Another idea, based on Thief2X. Right now, I think the cheeks do need something and at least some of the silver outlining should be done. You can play along, too -- just download the base photo at the top and edit!


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