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I haven't uploaded any photos in a while.

lj - zills

My new pair of zills (finger cymbals). (Here is my first pair for comparison.) They're quite a bit larger and heavier than my first, but I think the tone is more complex. (As my ATS teacher commented, they can feel like wearing pancakes on your fingers at first!) I experimented with no-sew zill elastics, but ended up replacing three of the four bands with sewed elastics. (However, I think both my middle finger bands are too tight and should probably be resewn at some point.) Both my zill sets are from Saroyan Cymbals; my first (smaller) ones are Small Grecian student zills; the new (larger) ones are Afghani tribal zills.

lj - teal flower

This is the teal hair flower I found on eBay to go with my ATS (American Tribal Style belly dance) outfit.

lj - flamenco 01

The dance studio I take belly dance at also offers flamenco. I've been to about four classes and have enjoyed it. I did better than I expected considering I've never danced in heels before! I bought these flamenco shoes on eBay for a fairly inexpensive price. They were listed as used, but looked brand new.

lj - flamenco 02

The sole of the flamenco shoes with the nails hammered into the heel and toe. There are five main foot strikes used in flamenco.

lj - squirrel

One of our backyard squirrels hanging out on the back deck.

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Date: 2015-07-06 10:38 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dingsi
I love your photo dumps! And those shoes are so shiny! What a steal!


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