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Title: Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Stalker - Undulating Terrain [link]
Fandom: Stalker
Author: TheHardSteppa
Song: "Undulating Terrain" - Robert Rich & B. Lustmord
Notes: "An unofficial video to the track 'Undulating Terrain' by Robert Rich & B. Lustmord from the album 'Stalker'. Footage taken on a Nokia N95 at Waldringfield, Suffolk - Decemeber [sic] 2009. Edited using Sony Vegas Platinum Pro 9."

Stalker is the name of both a film and a computer game series [technically S.T.A.L.K.E.R.] inspired by the Russian science-fiction novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The album this song is from, also titled Stalker, took inspiration from the film, but is not the film's soundtrack.

In Roadside Picnic, and all of the Stalker adaptations, there is an area called the Zone. Though the Zone may initially appear to be simply a region abandoned and bereft of human life, it is a dangerous and mysterious land home to strange phenomena and artifacts. "Undulating Terrain," both the music and the unofficial video, capture the enigmatic and tense nature of the Zone, along with its forbidding beauty. The black and white video is a perfect choice and a nice homage to the original film; I don't think it would have been half as effective in colour. A lovely example of the dark ambient genre, which I've loved since Thief: The Dark Project.

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Title: Cosplay Fever lip dub: Raise Your Glass
Fandom: multiple (various comics, movies, anime, video games, and more!)
Author: CosplayFeverBook
Song: "Raise Your Glass" - Pink
Notes: "Shot at the London Film & Comic Con, July 2011." An awesome videos with awesome cosplays set to an awesome song! This is everything wonderful about cosplay -- a bunch of fans having fun in costume.

Title: Know I'll Always Love You But Right Now I Just Don't Like You
Fandom: Thor
Author: puppyeyes92
Song: "Which to Bury us or the Hatchet" - Relient K
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Notes: This edit of the song fits Thor and Loki so well and the timing is spot-on. The colouring and filters are gorgeous. A great summary of Thor and Loki's relationship with a heartwrenching ending. Could probably be watched as gen as well.
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Both music videos contain spoilers for the movie.

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If you haven't seen Thor and wish to avoid spoilers, there's still this deleted scene near the beginning of the movie featuring Thor and Loki bantering before Thor's coronation. "You don't really want to start this again, do you, cow?"
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I've been following fans' reactions to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, mostly on TTLG and The Nameless Mod/Off Topic Productions forums. Most reviews have been positive; the biggest complaints seem to be an unbalanced XP system, mandatory boss fights, and a weak ending. I've not been avoiding spoilers at all as I don't expect to have a PC that will run the game in the near future. For that matter, I still haven't played Deus Ex: Invisible War [Deus Ex 2], the black sheep of the Deus Ex franchise, despite owning it longer than the original Deus Ex. Opinion has been unanimous that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is better than Deus Ex: Invisible War.

One of the fan-debated decisions of DX:HR was the implementation of a third-person cover system with no first-person lean. Who knew that this would be exploited to make dancing videos? I am somewhat ashamed to admit to being completely addicted to this: Adam Jensen Does A Safety Dance!

Though I dislike third-person in-game cinematics for immersion reasons, I do find the Icarus landing system and Typhoon augs cool in a very shallow, 'ooh, pretty graphics' way.
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Title: Armand and Lestat - Girlfriend
Fandom: Vampire Chronicles, specifically the Lestat musical
Author: stckytree
Song: 'Girlfriend' - Avril Lavigne
Pairing: unrequited Armand/Lestat with background Lestat/Nicolas
Notes: Somewhat crack, but still amusing. Also a rarity as the entire music video uses clips from the musical. [personal profile] lady_noremon and I found this after watching the San Francisco version of Lestat. Even though my favourite VC pairing is Marius/Armand and I also like Armand/Louis, Armand/Lestat opens up some interesting options; they'd be the type that would love to hate each other while hating to love each other.
Link: Here, or watch embedded below the cut.

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Found on YouTube while searching randomly. For memories and love.

[The clip is a song sung by Frodo and Sam from the Lord of the Rings musical.]


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