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I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

(Screencaps from The Dark Mod fan mission demo A Christmas Present 2011 by Arcturus.)
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Even though I hardly look at Tumblr anymore, it is so easy to post photos instead of doing more in-depth updating. I hope to do the latter at some point, but for now I hope you will indulge me in the former.

The Dark Mod missions pictured are A Night to Remember by Fieldmedic, WS1: In the North by grayman, and Tears of St. Lucia, which is included in the initial TDM install as a demo of sorts. I've only finished WS1: In the North, which I had a fantastic time with and is likely my favourite TDM mission to date.

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I've been watching more Let's Plays* during meals than playing any games. Though I upgraded to the latest Thief II patch, I hadn't even been playing any Thief fan missions.

This past weekend I started up The Dark Mod on my newest laptop to finish a mission, "The Transaction" by Sotha, that I started months ago. It wasn't a very clean playthrough, but coming back to stealth play was a lovely experience. I've been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl about once a month and slowly making progress. While I quite like the atmosphere and environments, sometimes the gameplay wears on me and I tend to run away from enemies as often as I confront them. The strangest thing about that game, however, is the NPC interface, which is so rudimentary that it feels misplaced, like it came out of the 1990s, when everything else is clearly 2000s.

*FenPhoenix's Thief II: The Metal Age, shadyparadox's Myst III: Exile, and Dilandau3000's Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity (which I played years ago and is much less exciting than I remember).

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I didn't even remember that Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption had a screenshot key, let alone that I had used it and saved my original screencaps. I stumbled upon these while indexing data DVDs and thought they'd be worth sharing. It's been quite a while since I last played Redemption, though I ran through the game at least twice.

Redemption is split into two times periods: the Middle Ages, with the cities of Prague and Vienna, and the Modern Nights (i.e., present day [2000 when the game was released]), featuring London and New York City. I prefer the Middle Ages sections, which is reflected in my screencaps. There are some minor spoilers, but no major ones.

Redemption screencaps; image-heavy. )

On Redemption and Bloodlines. )
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I'll hopefully have a longer post on The Dark Mod later. The short version: The Dark Mod doesn't feel exactly like Thief: The Dark Project or Thief II: The Metal Age, but it's undeniably Thief and I quite like it. For now, some screencaps with small commentary. I'm playing on an older computer using the smallest resolution, so this isn't the best The Dark Mod can look. I did touch the images up a bit in Photoshop to increase sharpness and brightness/contrast.

Missions pictured: Thief's Den by Fidcal, Rake-off by Jesps, and Flakebridge Monastery, also by Jesps. ("Flakebridge Monastery" is an undead mission and there are some corpse and horror images once you get past the stained glass screencap.)

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This was originally one large, somewhat eclectic, and photo-heavy update. It's been broken in half because I had more to say about the first topic than I realised. As such, this post is all about computer games with specific talk about The Dark Mod, Doom 3, and the Thief II fanmission A Night in Rocksbourg part III: Ink and Dust, plus musings on horror in games and a few screencaps.

Outside of fanmissions [FMs] and mods, I only play one to two new games a year. And by 'new' I mean 2005 and older since my laptop is coming up on eight years old. Nevertheless, I love my laptop -- it's in good condition, does pretty much everything I want it to, and there are only two or three newer games out there on my 'to play' list. This may be somewhat inaccurate, but as I remember it, my game play for the past near-decade has been:

~2003 - Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
2004 - Thief: The Dark Project
2005-2006 Thief II: The Metal Age [I ran into an error during one mission and picked the game up again the next year.]
2007 - Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age [game-length fan mod]
2008 - Thief III: Deadly Shadows, Deus Ex
2009 - Deus Ex: ZODIAC [fan mod], The Nameless Mod [game-length fan mod]
2010 - System Shock 2
2011 - System Shock, 2027 [fan mod]

There are also a few games I bought during this time and didn't finish, plus many, many FMs and mods that I did. Since I've played all of the Thief and System Shock games, I started Ultima Underworld late last year with the idea of playing all of Looking Glass' games, only to realise that I don't understand how to fight in that game at all. Amazing how much 3D games progressed in just a few years. The last game I actually bought was probably Deadly Shadows four years ago.

Though most of my Christmas money is saved, I did buy four things this year. Two were songs ("Can't Stop a Riot" and "A Greater Good" by Neuroticfish). One will be talked about later. And one was a new game.

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