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I'm [ profile] alchemy_hisoka on LJ. Even though I signed up for this Dreamwidth account a while ago, I'm only now setting it up and putting it into use.

The change in username isn't an attempt at being sneaky. My LiveJournal username was a combination of two of my largest fandoms at the time: Full Metal Alchemist ('alchemy') and Yami no Matsuei ('hisoka'). In the seven years (!) since my first LJ post, I've moved on to other fandoms and largely away from anime/manga in general; I wanted a new username to reflect that. However, since I probably won't be in the same fandoms another seven years from now, I wanted to try avoiding fandom-related names altogether.

Argurotoxos (Ancient Greek: Ἀργυρότοξος), "with silver bow", is one of the Greek god Apollo's many, many epithets. It does have vague connections to fandom - Apollo is also a character from The Authority and my appreciation for bows and archery comes from the Thief series - but I've also been interested in Ancient Greece off and on since elementary school, so I think it's a name that can stand the test of time. It probably goes without saying that I'm in no way trying to compare myself to Apollo. On a more aesthetic note, I've always preferred silver to gold or other metals. Overall, I found argurotoxos a lovely expression.

I will not be duplicating my LJ here. Instead, I plan on only moving significant or substantial entries, though that may change.
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As usual, one of the things that comes to mind after a convention is future cosplays. It's also been a while since I last posted my 'to cosplay' list - I can't even find the last one through my tags - so here it is. Some of these costumes will probably never be done, and some have been on my list for years, but as long as a few are completed (like, say, three in the next six years) I'm happy. Also, not all the reference images are the greatest; I usually use my trades/DVDs/games for references instead of my digital images and don't have all the relevant things scanned/screencapped.

Fairly image-heavy. )


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