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Hello, everyone. I'm sorry to have been away so long.

I spent most of April and May in Maine with my maternal grandmother after my grandfather was injured. While helping her out, I was also able to spend time with one of my aunts and take a week to visit my best friend. After roughly three months at either hospital or rehabilitation, my grandfather's now back home and is doing remarkably well.

I do have notes from the trip, but am not sure if I'll post them; I haven't even posted from my Arizona visit with my paternal grandmother (who is still with us and currently in Ohio).

For the time being, you can find a small selection of photos behind the cut that summarise some of my Maine and New Hampshire memories.

(One of the reasons I still keep my LiveJournal account is for photohosting. After LJ switched to the new Scrapbook system, my albums were in complete disarray -- I lost all the gallery layouts, photos were in the wrong directory or else arranged backwards, and so on. I salvaged what I could, but deleted the rest; this is why photos may be missing from old entries.)

Photos from Maine and New Hampshire, April-May 2012. )
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Photos from New Hampshire are finally uploaded in four galleries: the main gallery, Jenness State Beach, and our two spontaneous cosplays -- Recess (TJ/Mikey and Spinelli) and Static Shock (Virgil and Richie).

I have finished typing up all two and a half or so weeks for a total of about 5000 words, but it needs editing.

Below the cut are a smattering of some of my favourites from all the galleries.

Photos. )
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Three sets of photos for you.

First, there's Boston and general New Hampshire photos.

Second is the Death Note photoshoot, which took place on Wednesday evening with Kun as Light and myself and L.

And last but not least is the Gundam Wing photoshoot from Thursday afternoon with Kun as Quatre and Jon as Heero. This gallery also features part two of Fun With Gundams, which happened after the photoshoot. (Note that the numbering of these galleries is based on the order in which I uploaded them; the photos in the Boston/general New Hampshire gallery are last chronologically.)

Kun's photos are posted in her journal here. However, because her journal is friends-only, here are the direct links for Boston, Death Note, and Gundam Wing.

And yes, I have had this song on repeat for the past three hours. DA-DA DOOM!
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Written at last. Since there's roughly a month to cover, it's not as detailed as it might otherwise have been and there's not much emotion or reflection in this write-up since I primarily wanted to document the happenings. For PortCon and New Hampshire, I've based my descriptions on a combination of my memory and a set of quick notes I kept in a notepad for the purpose of remembering what happened on what day.

Everything is under cuts based on location and further sub-divided by date. Photo links are within the text.

PortConMaine 2008 [3 - 6 July]. )

New Hampshire [7 July - 28 July]. )

Sarah's visit [28 July - 6 August]. )
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After everything, I am completely satisfied with the outcome. It seems that through the downfalls, everything has fallen into its ideal place.

It would have been very difficult to have fit Sarah comfortably into our PortCon hotel room.

We made it to PortCon for three days, and I was happier to have been able to stay for part of Sunday than if we had left Saturday night, even though we missed Thursday.

Just being with Kun makes a significant difference. Yesterday, Tomo came over and the three of us talked and played. It was like old times. I want things to stay like that, the familiarity we have with each other and our close friendship.

PortCon 2008 was amazing. I have such fond memories of PortCon 2004 [my first convention] and PortCon 2005 [the year I staffed] that I don't think anything can surpass those two conventions in my mind, but this year came very close. Certainly my favourite convention since PortCon 2005. Surprisingly, I didn't take very many photos -- perhaps seventy? My average is around 150.

I still need to type up a convention report for PortCon 2008, so I shall refrain from adding additional detail here.

Monday was a down day for Kun and me. We reminisced about old cartoons and watched openings on YouTube. Mighty Max, Ronin Warriors, Batman, Batman Beyond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Doug, Recess . . .

On Tuesday, Kun and I went around to various stores with two of Kun's other friends (who I'd list if I knew how to spell their names). I spent more money than I did throughout all of PortCon. Dark Knight merchandise was tempting me, but all I bought for it was a coin tin with the Joker on one side and Batman on the other. I also bought the Crüxshadows' new single - which was officially released on this day, although the only place I could find it was Hot Topic; I don't like the main song ("Immortal") as much as I did "Birthday" (although "Birthday" had to have time to grow on me), but it's still good and I like the remix of "Araidne" better than the original version from Dreamcypher. Finally, I bought a Kashimashi figure at Newbury Comics (Yasuna) and volume nine of Pet Shop of Horrors.

Unrelated to the above, but I would like to comment on the irony that one person's generosity can be another person's cruelty.

Again unrelated to the above, but Kun and I were on the PortCon forums and one of the threads asked people to list their top five manga. I've decided that my current top five are: Hunter x Hunter, Pet Shop of Horrors, Earthian, Yami no Matsuei, and Level E.

Lastly, and loosely related to the above, volume 21 of Hunter x Hunter is now officially out in English. The Killua scenes in this volume are some of my favourite in the series and I was curious about Viz's translation, so I took a look when we were in one of many bookstores.

I was disappointed. There is a reason why I generally prefer fan translations over Viz's.
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Lots to say. I wrote down notes on the bus, so hopefully I remember most of the things that happened. Everything is LJ-cut by date, although I have more to say about some days than others.

Wednesday, 28 May. )

Thursday, 29 May. )

Friday, 30 May. )

Saturday, 31 May. )

Sunday, 1 June. )

Monday, 2 June. )
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To quote Kun, 'Anyway, I'd recap the past week and a half, but usually Arma does that, so I'll just leave it be.' So here you go.

Backtracking all the way to 6 January, I was half afraid that I'd miss my flight out of Paris due to our airport shuttle running half-an-hour late. As it turned out, I didn't have to worry; the flight out was delayed by twenty minutes for reasons unknown to me.

The transfer in Dublin went smoothly, though I hadn't realized that US passport control and customs forms occurred before departing Dublin rather than upon arrival in the States. Most of my seven-hour transatlantic flight was spent watching bad movies and eating semi-decent food. (Czech Airlines and Virgin Atlantic were much better than Aer Lingus, though the latter had the roomiest seating.)

After picking up my checked luggage, I followed the arrows to the exit and immediately found Kun, Kelsey, Jon, and Kun's mother waiting for me. A split-second later, I found myself with an armful of Kun. ^^ Kelsey told us later than we scared a foreigner (and probably ended up running into a few people), but she tried to explain to him that we were just excited because it had been a while since we'd seen each other. The ride back to Kun's house was spent talking and cuddling, with a stop to pick up some Japanese food at Ginger Garden on the way.

Kelsey and Jon stayed until they had to go home, followed by a visit by Tomo who had been busy working earlier.

At this point, I'm not exactly sure what happened on what day - I tend to remember events rather than dates and didn't write anything down until the day I left - but it should be fairly accurate.

Monday was one of several lazy days where Kun and I spent most of the waking hours in the house without changing out of our our pajamas. I think this was the morning we made pancakes, though I might be off by a day or two. However, I know that we watched several scenes from Gankutsuou and random clips from other series on Monday. This was also the day that Kun and Kun's mum gave me their surprise Christmas presents -- a black hoodie and matching black scarf. ('We were worried that you'd be cold here after being in Europe, so . . .') I took to both right away. *hug*

Tuesday started off as another lazy day - aside from going to the local high school to vote in the primaries - but culminated in RENT night for Kun, Kelsey, Jon, and myself. I'd never seen RENT before and only knew one song from it ('Seasons of Love'), so it was an experience. I'm still not sure how I'd rate it, but the only thing I really liked was the character of Angel (so much like Tomo!).

Wednesday we took a break from being lazy and went cosplay shopping at Goodwill. To my surprise, they had at least six pairs of overalls and I was able to buy a nice one that only needs a little altering for Ritsuka [Loveless]. Kun bought some new pants, but we still had items left on our list when we were finished.

For lunch, I treated Kun to Uno's, where I had some very good lemon salmon. For dessert, we ordered a peanut butter cup, which is like a giant . . . well, (non-Reese's) peanut butter cup served with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter sauce. Between the two of us, we barely managed to almost finish it and were on major sugar highs until bedtime.

After Uno's, we went to the mall where Kun found a pair of sunglasses for a cosplay and I bought the second half of Chapter Black [Yuu Yuu Hakusho]. We also bought black hair dye (permanent for me, semi-permanent for Kun) and a bottle of Honeysuckle soap for Kun's newly-finished upstairs bathroom from Bath and Bodyworks.

Once we were back at Kun's house, we decided to do a Death Note photoshoot. We had talked about doing one when I was up after PortCon 2007, but Kun's hair was too short at the time. And so, after dying my hair black and borrowing a white shirt from Kun (mine was packed in my parents' luggage), the photoshoot commenced!

Seeing that we took all of the photos ourself, and that neither of us have read Death Note in full (I stopped reading after that chapter while Kun's never read it), and that we were still on major sugar highs, it was quiet . . . interesting. And somewhat cracked. I kept trying to convince Kun to look serious, or angry, or like a bastard for Light, but it kept turning out looking either drugged or emo. Sadly, we couldn't find any handcuffs, so we improvised with random chains. Somehow, I ended up on top most of the time.

Eventually, we ran out of pose ideas and did I-can't-remember-what until our sugar high finally wore off.

We had another photoshoot on Thursday, 10 January, though this time it was me taking all the photos while Kun cosplayed Quatre and Jon cosplayed Heero (Endless Waltz version) from Gundam Wing. Many doujinshi poses, followed by Fun With Gundams.

I don't remember what else happened on Thursday and Friday, but Kelsey came over for part of it and I'm sure it was much fun.

On Saturday, Kun's parents drove Kun, Tomo, Kelsey, Jon, and myself down to Cambridge and we took the metro into Boston for a few hours. One of Kun's Christmas presents to me was a picture frame, though neither of us had a good group photo to put in it; after eating at a Japanese restaurant together, our mission was accomplished (from left to right: Tomo, Kelsey, myself, Kun, Jon). We also went to several anime/comics/music stores, took more photos in a random rock area, and finished at a Japanese grocery store, where I bought some pocky (chocolate/green tea) and daifuku (strawberry and melon).

Sunday started off as a lazy day, but Kun treated me to the goodness that is Cracker Barrel for a late lunch, which was wonderful. It might even become a new tradition.

We originally had plans to visit Shampoo on Monday, but we first heard from a waitress at Cracker Barrel that there was supposed to be a large snowstorm that day. As it turns out, she was right; Kelsey had no school and only lives a few minutes away, so she came over for the day. Kun's mum made us salmon and chocolate chip cookies (not together) and we watched random things, including part of the second Hunter x Hunter musical.

I was originally scheduled to take the bus to upstate New York early Tuesday morning, but didn't want to leave ever without seeing Shampoo, so I exchanged my ticket for Wednesday morning. By early afternoon, everyone was over at Kun's house, so we headed to Shampoo's to spend a few hours with her. It was really nice to see her again, though this trend of only getting to meet her the day before I leave is somewhat frustrating. Shampoo's cats proved a big hit with Kun (and her cats' toys with Kelsey). We also re-watched videos from past New Year's and PortCons.

Back at Kun's, we had a communal dinner in which we all ate noodles out of one large bowl. ('Screw table manners, we are family!') Laying on the couch afterwards together was one of the happiest moments I've experienced.

I had to say goodbye to Kelsey and Jon Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I said goodbye to Kun's mum, Kun, and Tomo. I love you, and the countdown to next time has already begun . . .
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Wednesday. )

Thursday. )

Friday. )
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Thursday. )

Friday. )

Saturday. )

Sunday. )

Monday. )

Tuesday. )

Next: 06 - Wednesday, The Fourth of July, to Friday, 6 July

(After that, there will be one semi-review post for Black Cat, Houshin Engi, and Tales of Legendia. Following will be a post about cosplay for 2008, which will tie up the end of the New Hampshire journey reports.)
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Kun and I began Wednesday by meeting Tomo for breakfast as Mary Ann's, a 1950's-style diner. I would say it was good, but I honestly can't remember what I ate.

After we finished eating, Tomo came back to Kun's house to hang out with us until he had to leave for work around 4 PM. Kun, Chris, and Kesley wanted more photos of them in their Neuro cosplays, which led to the Neuro photoshoot. Not to be left out, I decided to change into my L cosplay. Tomo also decided to join the fun and brought out his drag clothes and make-up for his transformation into Regina. (His disclaimer was that he only spent half an hour getting ready instead of his usual three hours, so please forgive his rushed make-up job.)

I was the main camera man for the Neuro photoshoot, which was lots of fun. Chris was the first one ready, hence why the first group of photos are just him. He also had to leave before Tomo did, which is why Neuro disappears part-way through the shoot. There's really not much else I have to say about Neuro that the photos don't . . .

After Tomo left, Kun and Kelsey encouraged me to do a short Death Note photoshoot. Kun offered to cosplay Light for me - she had almost everything needed for Light's outfit because of other cosplays - but she would have had to get her hair cut first. Not wanting to put her at any trouble, the photoshoot consisted solely of myself as L. I would link to the photos, but I'm not sure who has them or if they're uploaded yet.

(As it turns out, it was best that we didn't try to do a dual Light/L photoshoot; Kun and I had planned to get our hair cut the next week, but we didn't feel like leaving the house on the first day and Kun realized shortly after that she needed to keep her hair long for Yoh until she and Kelsey had time to do a Shaman King photoshoot.)

Continue to the Yami no Matsuei and Riku parts. )

Next: 05 - Thursday, 28 June through Tuesday, 3 July

(I also apologize for the relatively sloppy narration; I wanted to into more detail and with more style, but at this point I think I'm just trying to get down as much as I can as quickly as I can before I forget any more.)
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Before I begin, let me first say that even with only a week or two past, my memory is sometimes sketchy. I tend to remember events vividly, but the dates and names blur quickly; I can recall what happened, but not which day it happened on.

In an attempt to prevent this, I kept a small notepad in my backpack to jot down the main events of each day on. However, while it started out well, so much happened in the week following PortCon that I forgot to update it until the weekend, which led to an interesting scene on Saturday night: me hunched on the floor, pen poised over paper and eyes narrowed in thought until, with a sigh in defeat, turning to Kun and asking, "What did we do on Tuesday?"

"Uh . . ."

". . ."

"Oh! That's the day we went to Weathervane and got lost in Dover!"

"That's right!" 'How did I forget that?'

So you can all thank Kun for Tuesday's narration.

The other thing I want to address beforehand is why this entry is only covering two days' worth. The answer is simple: Wednesday was a very eventful day and I want it to have its own entry; not only do I have two galleries of photos to upload from that day, but I also have several detailed anecdotes.

That said, to Monday!

Monday. )

Tuesday. )

Next: 04 - Wednesday, 27 June
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Both in the car ride up to Maine and the bus ride back to New York, I considered what song could be the theme song for this journey. It may sound strange, but there usually is one particular song that will become connected with that point in time. PortConMaine 2004 was Gravitation music, PortConMaine 2005 was 'Eden' by TO DESTINATION (the opening of Yami no Matsuei), and AnimeBoston 2006 was 'Memories' by Within Temptation.

A theme song isn't something you can decide on ahead of time, as I've learned; certain events happen to make it stick. On the ride up, I was listening to Ayria, E Nomine, and Lestat. On the bus ride back, I listened to Yuu Yuu Hakusho almost exclusively, plus some .hack//SIGN, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and the point where I had 'Eden' on repeat for almost twenty minutes. (It was only the TV-size version of 'Eden', too.)

'Memories' became identified with AnimeBoston because that's what I was listening to when I broke down in the bus. This year, I was already a mess when I boarded the bus and the first thing I put on was 'Kiki!', Yuusuke's (purposefully) terrible image song. It's so bad it made me laugh. Which, combined with crying, can be rather awkward while in public and trying to be as unnoticeable as possible.

After twenty minutes of Yuu Yuu Hakusho image songs, I managed to compose myself enough to read more of Cry To Heaven until I began to get tired with Yuu Yuu Hakusho still playing quietly through my CD player.

It was Tiamat's 'Cain' of all songs that started the sporadic, short crying stages. 'Cain' isn't a sad song, at least not instrumentally, but the echoing 'If you would be here now' of the chorus was too much.

Over everything, though, the song that carries the memories of this journey the most is 'Hohoemi no Bakudan', the opening of Yuu Yuu Hakusho. We certainly watched enough episodes of it, even if we did usually skip past the opening. But I'm getting ahead of myself . . .

It feels like it's been more than a day and a half. Even in the bus I though that. Weeks that passed by like hours, and then hours that pass by like weeks. Is it already like a dream, hidden away in the deepest crevices of the heart so as to prevent any corruption? I keep expecting to see cats whenever I walk into the kitchen and it's never been as clear to me how different it is to be with loved ones as opposed to being alone.

. . . I'm beginning to think that trying to update at one in the morning was a bad idea; strange thoughts sometimes emerge at night ('window'?) and I'm too tired to properly edit anything.

I was hoping to get a lot more posted today, or at least do a quick entry on Maine pre-PortCon and then start editing photos for uploading. However, there was a special something that had to be added to my LiveJournal first and it took me much longer than expected to get the coding right on my profile page. (On the other hand, I now know how to make tables in HTML.)

I'm not quite sure how many posts I'll be making at the moment. Probably one for Maine pre-PortCon, one for PortCon, and between one and four for New Hampshire. What I do know is that, unlike past years, I won't be making entries in my journal with my photos in them. Like this. Or this. Since Yahoo Photos is shutting down, LiveJournal is now my only photo storage place and I don't have to duplicate galleries anymore. As such, I'll just be linking the entries to their corresponding photo galleries. (Another reason why I wasn't able to accomplish as much as planned today was that I realized at Kun's house that a number of photos in scrapbook - including all of the ones from PortCon2005 - hadn't been annotated; I actually just finished going through all of my photo galleries making sure that everything was tagged and titled before starting this entry.)

I have over 200 photos and three videos to upload, plus two weeks of love to type up. Not sure how long it'll take, but I'll try to get all of PortCon done tomorrow.

Many thanks, some tears, the biggest virtual hugs the internet can provide, and much love to Kun and her family, Tomo, Chris, Kelsey, and Shampoo.
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I was only waiting about ten minutes before I heard someone yell 'Arma!' Turning around, I saw both Tomo and Kun coming toward me. Immediately, I ran to them and attempted a two-in-one hug. *grin* Turns out they had gotten a bit lost and had to walk up this weird narrow alley with high walls to get to the train platform, but they made it!

So we got my stuff into the car and then headed back to Tomo's house, where I finally got to meet his mum and his two sisters. We then went around opening Christmas presents. Kun gave me a very cute kimono!bear keychain that I put on the keyring with my house keys and flash drive. Sankyuu! ^^ And Tomo gave me way too much stuff -- a black scarf, kanji cards, a music CD, two German books, a Greek coin with Alexander on it, and I just know I'm forgetting something. 0_0 どうもありがとう、弟!

Then his family took us all out to a Mexican restaurant called Margaritas. We talked about the nightmare that was last year's drive to NH, our Yami no Matsuei photoshoot, elementary through high school . . . Anything and everything. The food was all very good and there was a lot of it. I was proud that I was able to eat more than half of my main dish after all of the appetizers we snacked on.

Sometime near the end of dinner, one of Tomo's sisters had managed to sneak some salt into the other sister's water. Which of course led to the addition of even more condiments, including tabasco sauce. In the end, I drank it all and it actually tasted better than the concoction that my dad had created at Denny's. XD

Dinner that night was one of those times I wished I had a video camera in my head. Something I could use to record every second with perfect accuracy and then replay whenever I wanted. Because when you're in that moment, everything feels so right that you just want it to last forever; just stay there with your best friends having fun and eating good food. You know it's one of the best times you'll have and because of that you value every second and want to memorize it forever, but it's also bittersweet because memories become fuzzy and you can't quite capture that moment and those feelings afterward. But even though you can't remember exactly what everyone said and did, it leaves a lasting impresssion on you and you smile later with watery eyes.

When we got back to Tomo's house, we showed Kun the first two episodes of Kyou Kara Maou. We had to take her home shortly afterward, but I was so glad that she was able to spend most of that evening with us. I had really, really missed her. *hug*

Tomo and I spent the rest of the night playing Sudoku, watching Queer as Folk, and talking about Japan and languages.

Friday was our big shopping day. We went to the Salem Mall and I bought the second volume of Yu-Gi-Oh: Millennium World with a Borders gift card that my grandmum had gotten me. Among lots of other things. Like a new Batman wallet, a Leonardo action figure, and a box of four random DC Comics figures (I got Robin!). We also played with the Darth Vader masks in the toy store. Now everytime I hear 'Your powers are weak', I think of 'Your nen is weak!' *grin*

Tomo went into Express for Men - which is an insanely expensive clothing store - because he had a gift certificate. He bought a sweater and a dress shirt. Of course, the dress shirt just happened to be one of the only things in the store that wasn't on sale and he ended up paying almost $100. 0_0 Makes me happy for my Sears and Salvation Army clothes and the fact that I couldn't care less what I wear most of the time as long as it's comfortable and dark-coloured.

After we finished walking through the Salem Mall, we headed over to the mall in Manchester and got the best beef teriyaki with soba that I've ever had. It was really good. Though I'm still not sure it was worth the hour and a half it took us to get out of the mall parking lot. Oi. 0_0

On our way back from the malls, we stopped by two of Tomo's friends' houses. They were both nice and seemed like cool people. We also stopped by a convenience store to get some junk food.

That night, we watched more of Kyou Kara Maou (including my two favourite episodes!), some of Queer as Folk, and a strange French film called Wasabi. It was a fairly good movie that sometimes reminded me of the awesomeness that is The Pink Panther movies, but I really think they should have picked a different movie title.

We meant to wake up at 8 AM Saturday, but ended up sleeping until 9:30. In the end, it didn't matter since we couldn't go to Kun's until noon.

Kun's was awesome. Her mum is the nicest lady and she's very cool. ^^ I also got to meet Kun's boyfriend, who was also very cool. He even knew about Mighty Max! XD The four of us sat on Kun's futon and talked about anime, school, movies, manga, old cartoons . . . We also watched the first dubbed episode of Hikaru no Go. It wasn't too bad . . . until Touya Akira came in. They absolutely butchered Touya's voice; it sounded way too deep to me. x_x

We were only at Kun's for about three hours, though it felt a lot longer than that. I would've loved to have stayed there all day, but we had to leave for Shampoo's before dark. On one hand, I really wish Kun could've come with us to Shampoo's and that I could've seen more of her (and that I hadn't forgotten about my camera on Saturday; I only got one picture of Kun during the whole trip and that was on Thursday), but on the other, we did get to spend quite a bit of time together. We tried not to drag out our goodbye as long as we ususally do and we actually didn't cry (at that time, anyway), but it was still hard. *hug*

But, on a positive note, I might be staying at her house if I go to Anime Boston! ^__^

The ride to Shampoo's was crazy. It was snowing when we left and we got completely lost. Tomo ended up going to his aunt's house for help, which amounted to nothing. In the end, we were saved by Shampoo calling Tomo's cell phone and Justin giving us directions over the phone. Score!

When we got to Shampoo's, Musashi was playing Kingdom Hearts II. Unfortunately, he had to work that night. x_x But, on the other hand, Shampoo, Tomo, and I got to hog all the snacks and game consoles. We ended up playing four different games, all music-related -- a guitar game, a karaoke game, a drum game, and a Music of the 80s Trivia Game. Suffice it to say I failed at the last one miserably.

We exchanged Christmas presents before the games started. Shampoo got me a Hunter x Hunter mini-calendar (!!), the first two Fushigi Yuugi OVAs, a box of Pocky, some Full Metal Alchemist trading cards, and a blue and purple handmade bracelet. ^__^

To celebrate the New Year, we watched the ball drop on TV and drank sparkling cider. Then Tomo had his Exciting Crossdressing Adventure. Which is very good blackmailing material, but I'm not that mean. XD But seriously, Shampoo and I didn't make him do anything! I don't know about him, but we both found it very amusing.

In the end, we didn't go to sleep until 7 AM. Or at least Shampoo and I didn't; Tomo fell asleep earlier but would briefly wake up everytime we touched him to put on a blanket and then would fall right back asleep.

We left Shampoo's apartment around 1:40 PM on Sunday and got back to Tomo's house right as my parents pulled into his driveway. I quickly got all my stuff from his house and just threw it into the back seat. Then we hugged and it was time to head back to New York.


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