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One of my local belly dance teachers just returned from a one-week intensive with Rachel Brice. Rachel is very methodical and also uses a lot of yoga in her practise; I always think of serpentine torso figure 8s, long undulating arms, and her famous and incredible backbends. I was looking for videos of her on YouTube and discovered she's done a duet with my first ever belly dancer, Illan! You can watch the video here. Rachel and Illan's styles compliment well, though Illan tends to do more turns, use a wider stance, and incorporate more sharp pop/lock moves. It was amazing to see my two favourite belly dancers dancing together!

I've been working off and on on dance ideas for a possible family reunion talent show. Probably something from 3-5 minutes in length with broad appeal from 6 months to 80 years old and a good introduction to tribal belly dance since I don't think most of my relatives have ever seen belly dance. I'd prefer not to use any props, except perhaps zills if I decide to do an American tribal style solo or there's no easy access to a music player. One of my favourite songs to work with lately has been Diary of Dream's "Malum", but I think that's probably too dark and heavy. (By the way, if anyone knows where the animation used in this video comes from, that would be great to know.) I have a few Loreena McKennitt songs, but they don't inspire me as much. Vas's "Remembrance" is currently my top pick.

In the realm of fandom, there hasn't been much new Loki/Thor fic to catch my interest and I've been getting a bit restless even though my backlog of fic will last a few months. Some of the tumblrs I occasionally check (pretty much all people in the Thor fandom) have posted about Dragon Age lately and I remembered that, way back when, I watched some of Dragon Age II's relationship scenes. I haven't played any of the Dragon Age games (or Elder Scrolls or Gothic) and the only game I have that seems similar is Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. Nevertheless, I've read a few Fenris/Male Hawke fics. I've also bookmarked a few Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Star Trek, and even Yami no Matsuei and Loveless, stories. The last time I was in this phase - I think I was getting out of Batman/DC comics for oversaturation/lack of interest and The Authority for lack of any new material - I had no idea where my next fandom was going to come from and it took half a year to suddenly discover the Thor fandom. I watched a few episode of the original Hunter x Hunter anime a week ago, but don't think I'll get further than that, so I'm doubtful I'll find my new fandom home in older fandoms. Who knows; maybe the next Marvel movie will give fandom new ideas?

(That said, I was more active in the Hunter x Hunter fandom, as far as posting, interacting, writing fanfic, and cosplay, than I have been in any other. These days, I'm pretty much passive, just reading fanfic, occasionally searching for fanart or music videos, and following a couple blogs. I even deleted my cosplay list; there's not anyone I have a burning desire to dress up as and my spending money is going elsewhere.)

Edit: Near as I can tell, I got into the Thor fandom around March of 2011; four years is a pretty good run, and probably a bit over my typical fandom investment. (Most of my fandoms last 2-4 years. It tends to be shorter if: (1) the fandom is small [Earthian, Alexander], (2) my investment is half-hearted or peaks and drops suddenly [Sherlock, the Aubrey/Maturin series], (3) the type of fic I'm interested in isn't much written [Farscape, Merlin], or (4) there's limited source material [Maurice, Brimstone], but there are exceptions [Stormwatch/The Authority]. I suppose a (5) would be I stop liking the source material, either through time or new developments.)
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The Gon/Killua photos are up, with Kun/[ profile] hitokiri_quatre as Gon and myself as Killua!

My photos are here; there are 107 in total and include the vast majority of the photos.

Kun's are here; there are 35 in total and include more ice cream, Killua, couch, and pocky photos.

There are also videos. Four to be precise.

-Ice Cream Preparation
-Random Couch Fight!
-Janken Attempt 01 (Blooper Version)
-Janken Attempt 02

By way of warnings, there is a bit of swearing. We are also both unapologetic Gon/Killua fans, although nothing more explicit than kissing and cuddling.

This will eventually be crossposted to [community profile] hunterxhunter and [profile] ore_ga_inakya, but I need to type up a new introduction and explanation first.

We'll be using these cosplays again on Saturday of PortConMaine 2008, so any suggestions on how to improve the cosplays would be greatly appreciated, especially suggestions concerning what to do with Gon's hair.

For Killua, I need to make his boot covers. I also want to re-spike parts of the wig and possibly find a closer-fitting shirt. (I tend to wear my clothes baggy, but it doesn't look as good as I thought it would in the photos.)

Here's a preview of the photoshoot using some of my favourite photos from my collection:

Gon/Killua photoshoot preview. )
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Title: A Peaceful Hitchcock
Author: Armadei/[profile] alchemy_hisoka
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Rating: G
Pairing: Implied Gon x Killua
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter and all of its characters are not mine; they belong to Togashi Yoshihiro and Shueisha.
Notes: This is a drabble [exactly 100 words] meant to be an environment study based on my experience in Regent's Park. The title is a reference to Hitchcock's film The Birds. Finally, I'm not sure why I like writing Killua in second person so much.

Everywhere you look, there are birds. )
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Title: Orphean
Author: [ profile] alchemy_hisoka
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Killua x Gon
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter and all of its characters are not mine; they belong to Togashi Yoshihiro and Shueisha.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lady_noremon, who asked for a Gon and Killua fic that included 'something with chocolate' as one of her Christmas presents, though the fic I ended up with went in a completely different direction from where I was originally going. This fic was also influenced by one of the criticisms I've read of Killua in NGL arc, namely, that staying with Gon weakens him as a character and turns him into merely a follower. The writing style used here is strange even for me and was influenced by Mary Renault and this Alexander/Hephaistion story. Finally, inspiration for both the title and the icon I'm using for this post go to The Crüxshadows for their song 'Orphean Wing'.

. . . i see we flow like the ocean. )
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Unlike the previous Hunter x Hunter live productions, 'A Longing for Pakunoda' is a play, not a musical. It's heavily based on the latter half of the York Shin arc [manga chapters 112 - 119; anime OVA I episodes 3 - 8], but does not follow the original events exactly, especially since a number of characters are missing. Hisoka, Leorio, Feitan, Franklin, Coltopi, Bonorenof, and Senritsu are all absent and no references are made to Neon or her predictions.

I've split my review into three parts: first, a cast list and character analysis; second, a summary of the play with my commentary; and third, a link to download screencaps from and some other useful reference links for further information. The play summary and commentary is pretty long since I opted to go scene by scene, so you might want to skip it if you just want a general overview and pictures.

Review behind cut. )
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Title: Sunburn
Author: [profile] alchemy_hisoka
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Killua x Gon
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter and all of its characters are not mine; they belong to Togashi Yoshihiro and Shueisha.
Notes: Not quite satisfied with this, but it came to me after getting sunburned myself from swinging for hours in the sun without any lotion. The writing style is also off as I was reading The Iliad and Mary Renault.

Their )
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I decided to group the photos by category rather than chronologically, but if you'd rather see them in the order I took them, you can look at my [dead link] Yahoo photo album.

[ profile] hitokiri_quatre's photos are [dead link] here and there are better photos of the Egyptian Arc Yuugiou group here.

Edit: Someone put up a video clip of the Prince of Tennis Masquerade skit on YouTube; you can watch it here. Sadly, I can't find any clips of the Yuugiou skit.

convention x photos x memories )
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I almost wish I could just sleep until tomorrow so it will feel like it will get here more quickly. Done with everything except actual packing and ironing clothes.
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I'm hoping this day concludes the most difficult part of the process.

Made an arrow stencil on the computer using the proportions of the skateboard from the first Hunter x Hunter musical for reference. Screwed up several times and ended up taking almost two hours on something that shouldn't have been that hard.

Next, cut out stencil and tape onto skateboard. I was really nervous about this part because if the tape isn't exactly right, then the arrow won't come out straight, but it actually wasn't as difficult as painting the yellow.

As for the yellow itself, we had to by an aerosol version since the liquid acrylic was much too bright. Tried to spray some of the aresol into a cup and then paint it on like the teal green only to discover that aerosol paint is very hard to control with a brush because it's so thin. In the end, sprayed it like spraypaint is actually supposed to be applied using newspapers to protect the other surfaces.

The yellow looks decent for not being liquid acrylic. However, we still don't know if the tape around the stencil kept the line even and prevented the paint from seeping into the green until tomorrow morning. Very nervous about this, but at least we still have extra green so we can fix any big mistakes.

Buying varnish tomorrow so we can varnish the bottom once we make sure the top's set. Final varnish should go on by Tuesday night and the skateboard should be dry by Wednesday.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about the top of the screws for the wheels; they're black and will probably show up horribly on the yellow. Might just give the tops a quick paint with each colour [six with yellow, two with green] after varnishing.

The skateboard with the stencil taped on with masking tape.

Hosted by

After the yellow paint. The only part of the skateboard that's painted (in theory, anyway) is that inside the stencil lines; the tape keeps the paint from spreading and the paper (which has been coloured yellow by the spray, thus making this picture very hard to see) prevents the aerosol from getting on the green.

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Painted on the base colour today. Used four and a half bottles of Testors' teal green acrylic paint for three coats. Maybe a little more blueish than I expected, but it's a very pretty colour.

Tomorrow we paint on the yellow arrow and then all that's left is the varnish.

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Figured out how to paint the top of my skateboard. Turns off the rough surface peels off really easily if you pick at it. (Then again, I bought it for $10.) The longest part was getting all of the glue off the wood. Once that was done, we sanded the paint off the back and handsanded the skateboard to get it relatively smooth. Used alcohol to get rid of the excess wood dust and will start painting the first green coat tomorrow after we buy the paint.

Tsuzuki haircut was nothing special; all the stylist did was add texture to my hair and make the ends feathery. Thought of doing the Tsuzuki photoshoot tonight, but as soon as I got home, it was back to work on the skateboard more. I did, however, get a new watch and foam board to make a better number plate for Killua.

My dad asked me if I was bleaching my hair for Killua. Truth be told, I did think about it, but decided I didn't really want to spend the next five-plus months with white hair. It's tempting, though; I really hate wigs and Killua's hair style is fun.

Requisite )
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Wednesday - Ethics test wasn't that bad, though I probably could have studied Aristotle a little more. Moving out went quicker than expected. At BestBuy, they said my computer had a burned-out back light and would have to be sent away for repair. Unfortunately, the 7-day return plan isn't offered anymore, so it'll be two to three weeks until I get my Hisoka-kun back [9 June at the latest]. The guy who looked at it said we were lucky the warranty was still in effect because otherwise the cost of the repair wouldn't have been worth it.

Once home, I started unpacking. Washed out the microwave/refrigerator [ profile] euka gave to me at the beginning of the semester before putting it into storage for the summer and started in on the laundry. Watched House and Star Trek: Voyager before going to bed.

Yesterday was the day of massive unpacking. Put in my VHS of Camelot while I sorted out everything; I still think they should have kept in 'The Seven Deadly Virtues' and 'Fie On Goodness', but all of the songs in that movie were done somewhat differently than in the stage version. Also finished all of the laundry.

Today is the start of my real preparations for AnimeBoston. 0_0

After I cosplayed Killua for Halloween, I bought a different turtleneck because the sleeves of the one I had used were rather tight and had a tendency to ride up. Tried on both turtlenecks today and decided to go with the newer one; the colour of the first one matches better, but the other one is much more comfortable.

I was originally going to wear [dead link] this Killua outfit on Friday of AnimeBoston, but I tried on the top today and it's really not working for me. So I decided to scrap the idea and just stick with Killua's Hunter Exam outfit.

However, I didn't want to have the same exact outfit for both Friday and Saturday. That's when I remembered that I had a bottle of stage blood from when I was really into special effect make-up and facepaint. Tested it out and it looks bloody wonderful. (Sorry for the bad pun. x_x) However, unlike [ profile] naoekun, I'm not gonna go as far as pouring blood over my hand and staining my Killua top (I don't have an extra one!). Instead, I'll just do the [dead link] blood on Killua's cheek and maybe put a little red on the nails (which I still have to file into points . . ) with a Sharpie. I also won't need my skateboard or number plate for this since Killua stopped using them before the final exam. Too bad I don't have any black contacts to complete the look.

So that's the plan for now. Disqualified!Killua for Friday, regular Hunter Exam!Killua for Saturday, and Tsuzuki for Sunday [or Hisoka, if [ profile] hitokiri_quatre prefers].

Though . . . Illumi [Killua's oldest brother] will be there on Saturday, so it would make more sense for me to do disqualified!Killua on that day. It'll also mean I won't have to carry my skateboard around with me as long. Hmmm; I'll have to email her about that . . .

Tsuzuki and Hisoka are both ready to go except that I really need to iron Tsuzuki's white shirt. I also want to buy a watch that looks more like Tsuzuki's; I could use a new one, anyway.

I'm getting my hair cut like Tsuzuki in an hour or so. After that, I'm gonna buy the paint for my Killua skateboard and maybe a few other things. I thought about maybe getting some kitty or puppy ears (the former for Killua, the latter for Tsuzuki), but we'll see . . .

Question: Does anyone know what kind of paint is best to use for the top of a skateboard? I'm getting acrylic for the bottom, but I'm not sure about the top. (If no one knows, I'll just experiment with both acrylic and latex, since that's what I'll have here.)

To do list
-email Illumi
-sharpen Killua nails
-sand down and paint skateboard
-iron Tsuzuki's shirt . . . or everything, just for the hell of it
-trim Killua wig
-find out where I stored all my 'fuda
-remake Killua's number plate

-Killua and Tsuzuki IDs?
-Mike? (I'll have to look at my stuffed animals; I know I have a wolf . . .)
[Mike is the Zaoldyeck family's guard dog; he's huge with white fur and blank eyes just like Illumi's.]

Yup. Lots to do. Might also do a pre-convention Tsuzuki photoshoot while my skateboard's drying between layers one day.
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A mechanical bird trapped in a cage, a brink of a dream
Time's memory is embraced by the night

A blue butterfly smiling with its wings torn off
Should I prepare a requiem?

If I'm stared at with those eyes it seems that everything is seen through
My cold body with the stench of a corpse is beginning to get warm

The devilish angel, the furore soaking into my dry skin
The devilish angel, the unbalanced harmony of endless insanity . . . let it sleep

If the shining bubbles will melt with time
Then I want to laugh like this with you

The forest's fable told by the prophet
If it will turn into an illusion, then a myth will be born

The devilish angel, whispering in those eyes where karma dances
The devilish angel, the unbalanced harmony of endless insanity . . . let it sleep

[Translation from here]
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Spoilers )
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Title: 10 Themes
Author: [ profile] alchemy_hisoka
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
Rating: G to PG-13
Characters: Various, but all pairing work is Killua x Gon.
Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter and all of its characters are not mine; they belong to Togashi Yoshihiro and Shueisha.
Dedication: To [ profile] kyokiru. And to [ profile] sage_3, without whom the ninth theme would have been very different. This one is for you and only you.
Notes: It's been over a year since I've written any fanfiction. So earlier this week, I finally sat myself down, put my WMP playlist on random, wrote down the first ten song titles that came up, and challenged myself to write a short Hunter x Hunter fic based on each of them. This is the result.

The themes:

01 - Something To Sing About (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) -- Killua
02 - Edge of the World (The Crüxshadows) -- Kuroro
03 - The Last Day (Evanescence) -- Mito
04 - I'll Be The One (Hikaru no Go) -- Killua x Gon
05 - Papercut (Linkin Park) -- Karuto
06 - Sleepwalker (Nightwish) -- Illumi
07 - Ich Will/I Want (Rammstein) -- random Ryuuseigai resident
08 - Amethyst remembrance (Yami no Matsuei) -- Kurapica
09 - Genki no SHAWAA/Energy Shower (Yu-Gi-Oh) -- Gon x Killua
10 - Ocean Soul (Nightwish) -- Killua x Gon

[Crossposted to [ profile] ore_ga_inakya]

'Walk within my poetry, this dying music.' )
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After growing and sharpening for almost five months, my last Killua nail broke off.

Requiem )

I miss it. It was so sharp and pointy. And very useful for opening things.

Ah well. I guess I'll just be using fake nails for Anime Boston.
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Cosplaying Killua was pretty fun. The only think that irked me was the way some of my hair kept sneaking out the sides of my wig. x_x This is actually the first time I've used a wig for cosplay; before, I've either styled and dyed my hair to match the character or just left it alone.

Also, if I cosplay Killua again, I definitely want to paint my skateboard so it matches the one in the anime. (Green with a yellow arrow.)

I didn't really try to act like him while cosplaying since I wasn't at an anime convention. However, acting like Killua is something that I do think would be challenging. He's sometimes contradictory and is farther from my actual personality than some of the other Hunter x Hunter characters, like Kurapica or Gon. But it would be a cool experience, especially if I had a Gon to interact with. Maybe at PortCon2006 . . .

If you want to see the photos, you can either click the LJ link below or view them through my [link dead]. I only uploaded the pictures I really liked to ImageShack, so there's a lot more there than there are below the LJ cut. In addition to the Killua album, I also added a [link dead] new college photo album with some photos of visiting friends, fish, and Roommate-chan's Halloween costume.

Killua photos this way )
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Thanks to the wonderfulness of [ profile] sage_3, I was able to watch the two Hunter x Hunter musicals today.♥ They were excellent! One of the best four hours of my life. ^__^

The first Hunter x Hunter musical takes place about half-way through the TV series. (Maybe even after the first OVA? I'm not quite sure . . . All I know is that Gon and Killua haven't gotten Greed Island yet.) Hisoka, in disguise, brings the Hunters 4 (Gon, Killua, Kurapica, and Leorio) to a village where four 'actors' have been kidnapped from the theatre. The four split up, each one going after one of the kidnappees. After a few fights, all of the kidnappees have been rescued except for one -- the priestess Mitsuko, who is the daughter of Madame Isabel, the priestess who was killed ten years ago and has recently risen from the dead.

There's quite a bit of inside humour in this musical. Even though the Hunters 4 are all male (except for Kurapica, in whose case it's never been made clear what his gender is), three of the four seiyuu are females. The Hunters 4 double as the kidnapped actors as their actual sexes, which leads to some hilarious scenes. Unfortunately for Killua fans, this also means that there's not much Killua in this musical since his seiyuu doubles as Mitsuko.

Besdies the Hunters 4, Hisoka also appears in this musical. He doesn't have a very big role, but he definitely has his moments. It's no wonder he gets the loudest applause at the end. ^^

One of the funniest parts of the first musical is after the end bows. Hisoka and Gon skip offstage together, arm in arm. XDXD

The second musical, The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck, is even better than the first one. It also takes place earlier in the timeline - right after the Hunter Exam - making it an AU version of how Killua and Gon were reunited at Kukulu Mountain.

We start with a rather nightmarish scene based off of Gon's confrontation with Illumi in the series. Just as things start looking dire for the Hunters 4, Gon wakes up and finds himself on the tour bus going up to Kukulu Mountain with Kurapica and Leorio. Most of the first bit of the musical involves skimming over what happened in the series before the show gets into its own story. However, it's done quickly and is quite enjoyable. ^^

All of the Zaoldyeck family members plus their servants are present in this musical: Zeno, Silva, Kikyou, Illumi, Milky, Karuto, Kanaria, and Gotou. Illumi and Zeno are particularly impressive; Illumi has one hell of a singing voice and looks practically identical to the Illumi in the anime while Zeno is quite the acrobat. (He receives several applause for his well-executed flips and jumps throughout the musical!)

Of course, no musical would be complete without Hisoka, and he is quite the show-stealer. There are two scenes in particular that make the Hisoka fan in me giddy with joy -- firstly, his fight with Zeno and Silva where he displays all of his twisted pervertedness and, secondly, the scene where he uses his Bungee Gum to make the Hunters 4 and various members of the Zaoldyeck family dance like puppets on a string. (He does this in the first musical, too, but it's much more hilarious here.)

There's no question that this musical has more fan service than the first one, especially with all the hints aimed at the Leorio/Kurapica ship. (Leorio and Kurapica even go to a hot spring together, though Kurapica, modest fellow that he is, refuses to get into the water with Leorio and sits on the rocks bordering the spring instead.) The Hunters 4 also get dressed up in some rather . . . interesting costumes for a party that the Zaoldyecks throw for Killua.

However, since this is a Zaoldyeck musical, there are some very dark scenes, but no darker than you'd see during the Genei Ryodan arc. The Zaoldyecks are a family of assassins and Illumi and Kikyou aren't willing to let Killua head off with Gon and company without a fight.

One of the best decisions the powers that be made was to keep the same actors that the anime uses. Major kudos to them! It's a pleasure to see the seiyuu I've fallen in love with over more than ninty episodes of Hunter x Hunter on stage. Moreoever, they all pull off their parts just as well as they do in the animated world, though it is a bit weird to see a Killua that's taller than Kurapica. o_0

Gon's seiyuu, Takeuchi Junko (probably most famous as the voice of Naruto), deserves a special mention here. She's 110% Gon on stage and her vivacity and enthusiasm are addictive. I love her singing voice, which is beautiful and full of spunk. The female kidnappee she doubles as in the first musical is the funniest of the kidnappees and even demands that Killua - the one who resues her - take her hand in marriage! XDXDXD

I also have to mention Takahashi Hiroki, Hisoka's seiyuu, if only for the incredible amount of fanservice he poured into his part in The Nightmare of the Zaoldyeck.

Overall, both musicals are very, very good. I think they'd be enjoyable even for someone who had never read Hunter x Hunter before, though they'd miss out on some of the jokes and might be slighly confused with the stoyline. (For example, there are several passing references to Nen in the first musical that assume that you're already familiar with it.) The music and songs are practically flawless and the fight scenes are quite interesting; some fights almost resemble complex dances more than battles, but they're still thrilling. The only downsides are the costumes and the rather bare sets, but both improve in the second musical.

Perhaps the strongest praise I can give to the musicals is that I feel like I'm watching an extension of the anime series. It doesn't even seem strange when they break into song. I highly, highly recommend them to any Hunter x Hunter fan. [subliminal message]Go!! Go and download them now!![/subliminal message] And even if you're not a HxH fan, they're definitely worth a look. Hunter x Hunter is a woefully underappreciated series, at least in the English-speaking fandom, and we're always more than willing to spread the HxH love!

Both musicals are high-quality and fansubbed nicely by Cruel Angel Productions. See [ profile] hunterxhunter for more information and be sure to give a hug to [ profile] sage_3 while you're there. ^____^

[Sidenote - I apologize for being late with comment-replying and AIM. Both are on my 'to do' list for tomorrow!]


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