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My dad set up the iPad Sunday afternoon to test the video recording for the family reunion. I recorded about 40 minutes worth of dance practise and made many notes, both positive bits and things that need work. I've improved a lot this past year, though; I can hardly stand to watch the belly dance videos I have from a year ago. (Maybe I'll feel the same way a year from now!)

Wonder of wonders, my Photobucket account is still alive. The audio is quiet (it was playing from my laptop) and the video is a bit dark, plus I've greatly shrunk the video size (the original was almost 400 MB) and Photobucket shrank it even more, but it should hopefully be enjoyable. The song is "Radwind Pt. 1" by MoozE from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack. (You can download the soundtrack for free here.) Combining my love of dark ambient with my love of dance isn't the easiest thing, but it seems to work for sword. This was my first and only take for sword -- if it goes this well at the family reunion, I'll be thrilled! The song that kicks in a bit at the end is "Hydro 1" by Eric Brosius from the System Shock 2 soundtrack. I should also link to Tiazza's YouTube channel as she's who I picked up most of my sword work from.

Video direct link
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