19 July 2015

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This is my last day off before we leave for the family reunion on Saturday. Most of the things I pack are ones I use every day, but I think I can get some of my clothes at least packed today. (My mom was smart and took extra days off before to pack. Then again, I used to have at least one weekday off until just the past few weeks. [Somehow, I now have weekends off, which I actually don't like as much; it's nice to be free Saturdays since that's usually a performance day if we're dancing, but I like a weekday off to make appointments, etc., and just break up the week.])

My grandfather was in hospital and briefly in rehab after a fall at home, but he's back at home now with a walker and pain pills. It's still incredible he's lived as long as he has.

Yesterday I danced outdoors with my three fellow ATS dancers. It was quite hot in the sun, but a lot of fun. Since we dance in front of a mirror in class, it's easy to cheat and follow our reflections instead of watching the lead dancer for cues; it went better than I expected, though there are a lot of things I can improve on, especially smoothing out my traveling moves. Also, our teacher was the only one who played with zills -- I can make it through a song on my own with zills, but can't yet play them consistently and follow all the cue changes. I only expected to dance in a few songs, but we did about seven songs as a group. Since I'm the youngest of the group, and by far the newest to belly dance (the other three have danced six-plus years and have taken national workshops, plus have more complex outfits and have known each other a while), sometimes I worry that I'm imposing or being included out of courtesy, but I'd like to think that we all enjoy dancing together with that rush of excitement.

Tribal fusion belly dance class was moved to after ATS on Wednesdays. I hadn't been to tribal fusion in about a month since driving to the studio three times a week is too much. It's nice that I can take tribal fusion again, though it does mean dancing for almost three hours every Wednesday after working all day. My flamenco classes have been canceled the past few weeks due to the teacher being unavailable; I've practised a bit on my own, but am more focused on belly dance. Besides ATS, I've been practising my sword balancing, but I'm not sure if I'm up to performing it yet or not.

(As a sidenote, this week on Tumblr is FenHawke week for the DA2 fandom.)


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