28 June 2015

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I've kept a rough list of every pairing I've ever shipped (which I've defined as read at least one fanfic for), but don't think I've ever posted it. The list is chronological, starting from junior high, which is when I was first exposed to fanfiction. Pairings marked with asterisks are ones that have had the most lasting impact, and often ones I read for a long period of time (at least 2 years). Pairings marked '[sort of]' I can read either as friendship or romance, and often prefer friendship.

A lot of the fandoms on this list I have little interest in anymore, but it's still curious to me. This is in many ways also an archive of my fandoms as, except for computer games (such as Thief or Deus Ex), I rarely get involved in a fandom without a pairing appeal. I suppose someone could create a psychological profile based on my pairing preferences; I've tried to look for what draws me to specific pairings. In general, I prefer close friendships that lead into romance and don't go in for many rival/competitive pairings. A lot of the pairings I've shipped are also introvert/extrovert, and the vast majority are male/male. Beyond that, I haven't done much meta.

If I had to pick out the fandoms I'm most fond of (but not necessarily active in) today, it would probably be (following the chronology below): Mary Renault, Yami no Matsuei, Star Trek (especially The Original Series and Deep Space Nine), Maurice, A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, Stormwatch/The Authority, and Dragon Age 2. But these things vary, some fandoms more than others; I might give you a different answer in a few months.

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